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ZonMW grant for image analysis of the early stages of three common diseases

The Center for Medical Imaging (CMI) at the UMCG has been awarded a EUR 1.5 million grant from ZonMW for its CT-scan screening for three common diseases: lung cancer, lung emphysema and cardiovascular disease. These three diseases together are responsible for the highest mortality and morbidity rates and form the greatest economic burden for healthcare in the Western world. They are therefore also known as the Big 3. The aim of this project, B3CARE, is to obtain the respective clinical pictures at an earlier stage, using biomarkers.

Dutch Heart Foundation grant for Vliegenthart

The Dutch Heart Foundation has awarded a research grant of 949.501 euro to Prof. Dr. Rozemarijn Vliegenthart (CMInen/Radiology UMCG). It is one of the 7 research projects into the earlier recognition of cardiovascular disease that are supported by the Dutch Heart Foundation. The research projects are expected to lead to new techniques and applications to detect cardiovascular disease at an earlier stage.

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Interreg grant for Peter van Ooijen (CMI) and Marianna Sijtsema (Radiation Oncology)

Interreg has awarded a new Artificial Intelligence project (DAME) worth 1.1 million euros, to Peter van Ooijen from the UMCG Center for Medical Imaging (CMI). Within the DAME (Deep Learning Algorithms for Medical image Evaluation) project, software algorithms are developed for detecting deviations in medical images using machine learning. In addition to the UMCG (CMI and the department of Radiation Oncology), the DAME consortium consists of the Dutch SME COSMONiO and the German partners Use-Lab GmbH, Pius-Hospital Oldenburg and Radiology West Münsterland.

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CMI trophy room

The past months, a couple of prizes were won by CMI employees.

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