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Dutch Heart Foundation grant for Vliegenthart

The Dutch Heart Foundation has awarded a research grant of 949.501 euro to Prof. Dr. Rozemarijn Vliegenthart (CMInen/Radiology UMCG). It is one of the 7 research projects into the earlier recognition of cardiovascular disease that are supported by the Dutch Heart Foundation. The research projects are expected to lead to new techniques and applications to detect cardiovascular disease at an earlier stage.

Vliegenthart focuses on improving the diagnosis of coronary artery disease (CAD) in general practice by using the coronary calcium score in patients with stable chest pain. It is challenging for the general practitioner (GP) to diagnose (or exclude) CAD as cause of symptoms. The commonly requested diagnostic test, exercise electrocardiography (ECG), is neither sensitive nor specific for CAD, and fails to detect early stages of CAD. The calcium score, based on computed tomography (CT), is a superior test to detect and exclude CAD. The expected result of CONCRETE is costeffective implementation of the calcium score in GP setting, leading to early CAD diagnosis and treatment, and on the other hand, safe exclusion of CAD, avoiding unnecessary referrals.

CMInen/UMCG collaborates with TU Twente, MUMC Maastricht, Gelre hospital and GPs in this research project.