CMI-nen has been established as a foundation (stichting) under Dutch law. The three
founding partners of CMI-nen (RUG/UMCG, UT and Siemens NL ) are represented in this foundation, in accordance with NWO guidelines and subject to approval by NWO and the relevant regulatory bodies. CMI-nen has a simple organizational structure to ensure proper governance, efficient decision-making and minimal overhead. The governance structure is presented below.

Supervisory Board 

The Supervisory Board is CMI-nen’s highest governing body and is formed by the three founding partners. The Supervisory Board is responsible for developing CMI-nen’s strategy, decides on the budget and bears responsibility for the annual report. It determines which corporate partners participate in CMI-nen.

Members of the Supervisory Board are:

Board of Directors 

CMI-nen’s Board of Directors (clinical and technical scientific director and two managing directors) manages the day-to-day operations. It coordinates the research-project groups, monitor their progress and report to the Supervisory Board four times a year. The Board of Directors is responsible for managing CMI-nen’s resources. It controls CMI-nen’s budget, ensure that project groups have access to the infrastructure and other facilities, and take care of marketing and PR.

Members of the Board of Directors are:

Discipline group leaders 

The leaders of the CMI-nen disciplines have extensive experience in various disciplines of medical imaging. They are able to assess whether the research topics proposed include the right medical imaging technologies or the right combination of technologies to achieve the desired results. Health impact modelling, which measures economic and clinical relevance, will support the evaluation of the research proposals.