The aim of the CMI innovation cluster is to create a strong cluster of innovation in East Netherlands to provides businesses access to advanced knowledge, expertise and facilities in the field of medical imaging techniques The strategic objective of the CMI Innovatiecluster Twente is to put on the map the medical imaging in the East-North of the Netherlands  to maximize the (inter)national opportunities with in the health sector. The main operational objective is bringing together knowledge and expertise in one network where business people can easily contact researchers and medical specialists with the objective to accelerate the clinical and commercial innovations.

East Netherlands as an attractive region to work

The innovation cluster of CMI-NEN delivers new high activity and thereby creates more demand for highly qualified personnel. The knowledge and skills that are built up in the region provide a flywheel effect as other companies also will draw on this knowledge and thus will attract new talent. This increases the attractiveness of the Eastern Netherlands as a working area. To reached these objectives we have:

  • Created a platform for knowledge sharing
  • Realized innovations around imaging techniques
  • Created a showcase for displaying these innovations
  • Increased the understanding of the regional business in (clinical) needs
  • Created public support for new innovations

Collaboration is the key to the CMI innovation cluster success.

The measurable results of the establishment and expansion of the innovation cluster are:

  • We have attracted approximately 100 potential partners
  • 20 new partners from regional businesses have joined the cluster
  • We have organized 16 networking meetings
  • We have organized 8 conferences

Translation of Goals into Activities

During the project period, the above mentioned objectives have been translated into activities that can be divided into different categories. The thread is boosting innovations from a practical (clinical) demand in constant interaction with clinical practice and industry. This interaction between medical specialists, researchers and industry always forms the basis for organizing meetings.

I. Medical tours

CMI has put the Northeast region of The Netherlands on the international map with the Medical Tours trademark. Were (inter) national market opportunities explored with participating partners and exchanged knowledge and skills by visiting leading laboratories, institutes and companies engaged in medical imaging techniques. The uniqueness of the cluster is the neutral position with respect to visiting parties. This has specially companies by opening doors that would otherwise would have been closed.

II. Events

With great regularity, the CMI innovation cluster has organized meetings and symposia with medical imaging as central theme:

  • CMI-NEN conferences
  • Scientific oriented events
  • Regional matchmaking events for medical specialists and researchers
  • Innovation oriented events
  • 1-to-1 meetings / round tables between entrepreneurs and researchers


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