Heart rhythm disorders and heart failure are increasingly common conditions, that compromise the health of the patient and the quality of life. Implantable Cardioverter-Defribilators (ICDs) are an effective means to eliminate cardiac rhythm disorders and to prevent or minimize the damage to the health of the patient. Also, the ICD can serve as a biventricular pacemaker in order to allow the pumping chambers of the heart to be more effective by synchronization the heart chambers.

Unlike a regular pacemaker, the ICDs have biventricular pacemaker capability, meaning they are capable of stimulating both the right and left side of the heart. This is achieved by securing electrodes (leads) to both sides of the heart wall. These leads are placed by a cardiologist through the larger vessels. Placing these leads through the blood stream, however, is challenging, and especially the lead on the left side of heart is responsible for up to 50% of the ICD failures.

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Partner Interaction

Role Demcon:

DEMCON is responsible for the design and realization of new lead. DEMCON has extensive experience in the design and realization of mechatronic solutions to problems in different application areas.

Role Siemens:

Siemens will focus on the optimal use of imaging technology (ultrasound and CT) to guide the placement of the electrode. SIEMENS will contribute CT equipment in the project (in kind) and further it will fund a researcher for the project. It also maintains its R & D laboratories in Germany and the United States open to the project partners. The intention is to annually with the development team to organize a field trip to the R & D laboratories to fits closely developments in the project at the cutting edge imaging technology.

Role Polyvation:

The development of bio-compatible materials, such as polymer, belongs to the role of Polyvation. The current generation materials must by a development process in order to make it suitable for the minimiaal invasive surgery [replenish, Flipsen]. Polyvation proposes personnel available for the achievement of this development.

Role Cybertronics:

Cybertronics will develop its mono- and binocculars by for use in a medical setting. Based on existing knowledge and products, it is expected to be possible after two years to complete a new application of the product, which a judgment can be made on the basis of a pilot study in this project added value the use of such technology in medical applications. The final market of this product will be much broader. Cybertronics enables personnel and equipment available for this development.

Role YTEC Imaging BV:

YTEC will in years 3 and 4 of the project and provide expertise to develop standards for data storage, data transfer and anonimisatie of patient data so that the data can be made suitable for larger patient studies. YTEC enables staff available.

Role UMCG:

The cardio-thoracic surgeons at the University Medical Center Groningen (Prof. dr. M. A. Mariani, Dr. T. J. Klinkenberg) involved in this project bringing the necessary clinical knowledge in.Prof M.Oudkerk will have expertise in the field of cardiac ultrasound and CT insertion. They represented wording a renowned research groups in the field of cardiothoracic surgery and cardiac imaging. Their focus will be the development / testing of methods of intraoperative determination of the optimal position for the lead beteffen. Furthermore, throughout the design process, they will evaluate the clinical applicability of the design for the lead to realize.


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